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NCU faculty, students, staff are welcome to recommend resources by Purchase

Request Service. Please read the following information before making your


About Purchase Request

  • This service mainly purchases general books and audio-visual materials
    applicable to the university level. The results of recommendation depend on
    factors such as funding, themes, types, collections, and the relevant institute's
    comprehensive evaluation.
  • Recommended items are mainly physical books, e-books and physical
    audio-visual resources due to limited budget. The requested journal or database
    will be provided to related colleges and centers to determine whether to
    subscribe or not next year.
  • 5 items per eligible person per month are allowed to be recommended.
    Resources recommended by teachers to use in teaching and reseaarching would
    not be limited.

Purchase Request Guide

  • Please make sure that you have done activate Alma account.
  • Before filling out the purchasing request form, please look up the item in One Search Platform.
    Purchase requests will be approved if the data is not in the platform.
  • When the item arrives and be received, a hold will be created for patrons.The
    number of holds shall be in accordance with the Loan Rule. You can also cancel a
    hold by logging in the library account to delete your request.
  • Results of recommendation and pickup notices will be sent by email. Please
    make sure your email address is correct. You can log in the library account to update your email address.
  • For more details, please refer to:
    How to submit a PR form Purchase Request process
    If you have any questions, please email to

    update :2022.5.17