The development of Taiwan’s economy has made such great strides that it has come to be described throughout the international community as the “Taiwanese Miracle”. And through Dr. Kwoh-Ting Li’s immense contribution to the process of Taiwan’s economic development, he has played a key role in realizing this “miracle”.

 The Kwoh-Ting Library and Archives complex, which has seven floors and a two-level basement, with total office space of 7,361.61 ㎡.The complex consists of a browsing room, a public reading room, the Dr. K. T. Li exhibition center, an international conference hall, two medium-sized conference rooms, five executive offices, five seminar rooms, forth research fellow offices and sixteen research assistant offices.

   The reading room provides each kind of economical related periodicals, and has the public computer to supply the reader on-line inquiry. It is also equipped with the reading seat to study independently for the reader.

    The underground book stacks pick the closed-stack type management, the reader must attain the agreement, only then allowed to read inside.

   The primary objective of the Kwoh-Ting Li library is, on a regular basis, collecting all information that is deemed significant in the field of Taiwan economic policy formulation, and making it available, along with other supporting resources.

    The personal files of Dr. K. T. Li form the core of the library’s collection. The library also collects and organizes the personal files of other prominent policy makers in the formulation and implementation of Taiwan’s economic policy. As such, the library collection includes almost all of the most important information relating to Taiwanese economic development from 1960 to 1980 – c critical economic take-off period for Taiwan.

   The library currently holds three parts of material: books, Dr. K. T. Li’s relic, and files of the original preservation.

   Books are maintained by library catalog, files of the original preservation and reference material are handed over by Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica , and documents contributed by Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica reorganize altogether approximately 1650, establishes the file altogether approximately 80,000, and publishes two piece of discs.

   There are, in addition, two sets of Dr. K. T. Li’s files, one set of personal files from both Mr. Wan-An Yeh and Dr. Samuel Shieh, and one set of policy and research reports from Chung-Hua Institution for
Economic Research.

   These files, reports, books and related documents are available to the general public and some of them will be accessible via the Internet. The opening hour of K. T. Li library reading room is Monday to Friday 8:30~16:30.