National Central University Library


Wireless Internet Service

Who can use the wireless service?

The wireless service is provided for NCU's students, teachers and staff.

How to do it?

Readers need to enter the Spark e-mail account ( and password registered by Computer Center, then follow the instructions on webpage.

Can I borrow a wireless internet card?

Readers may use your own card or borrow a wireless card from the library at the service desk.

What about the wireless coverage area?

The wireless connection ranges from B1 to the 8th floor of the Library. (Library connection only).

What if I still have a problem connecting the wireless internet?

If you have any problems connecting the library wireless network, contact the information system section on the 3rd floor during office hour. (ext 57422) Otherwise, please contact the staff on the circulation desk located on the 1st floor. (ext. 57417)

I'm a alumnus, what do I do?

Please type the e-mail and password provided by the Secretary Alumnus Department, the internet service should work once your identity is verified.

If you have any problems at verification, please contact: Miss Wang at (ext. 57514).