National Central University Library



The EZProxy services allow all university faculty, staff, and students to obtain a NCU public IP temporarily. The users can download articles or papers from electronic journals in NCU Library. In order to access the NCU Library database, all users must register a user account at the NCU Computer Center. For further information, please contact us at

EZProxy Usage

  • When using Ezproxy, do not setting your computer and browser or setup any software.
  • Best recommended for NCU Library resources use ONLY.
    P.S. If you are outside school and using browser to link payment E-resources of library (eg. SFX, Database etc.) , it will setting automatic.
  • Login with Email account and password of application from CC.
  • If you can't login, please use Webmail or NCU Portal to test correction of account and password.
  • If your account and password is not correct and have no idea, please report to CC. (ext 57555/57500/57511)
  • If your account and password is correct but still can't use VPN, please contact reader service (ext 57422/57407)

EZProxy Reference