National Central University Library


Borrow Service


For borrowing books, please go to the first floor of main library or to the second floor of the Old Library (A/V Materials Room) circulation desk.

For details on user borrowing rights, please consult the Circulation Rules and Privileges at NCU Library

Borrowers are responsible for all materials borrowed on your library card. When checking out library materials, please confirm all checked-out items displayed on the computer screen. List of your checkouts may be viewed through the on-line library system and you should report any incorrect listing with the circulation desk as soon as possible.

Please register and update your contact information with the library. You may register and update your contact e-mail in the library system. To update your e-mail address: Go to NCU Library Homepage => Your Personal Account => Modify Personal Information. If you have 2 frequently-used e-mail accounts, please separate them with a comma (,).


Materials must be returned to the library from which they were checked out. Return items to the Circulation Desk during library opening hours, or put it into the "Book Drop" at the west side of library.

Return items can also by post delivery and mark “Return books” on the cover. Please send to:
No.300, Jhongda Rd., Jhongli City, Taoyuan County 32001, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Circulation Department
National Central University Library

Borrowers who fail to return materials within the loan periods shall be charged overdue fines as follows:

  • Overdue fines:Books/AV materials, NT$5/item/day;
  • Reserved Books/Dissertation, NT$5/item/HOUR.


Users with renewal rights can renew a material as long as it is not overdue or has been reserved by another user. Materials renewal should be made 7 days before the due date. The new due date is calculated from the original due date. To renew a material online, go to ‘My account ”*eng from the Librarys homepage.

If there's reservation during renewing time, you must return the book in seven days after notification from library. Otherwise library will handle the case as overdue.


Be sure that materials you need had been checked out, then you can make the reservations. The Library will send a recall notification to the user,who must then return the material to the Library within 7 days.

When the item is returned, an email notice will be send to patrons by library systems. Materials will be held within 4 days (A/V Materials will be held 2 days ) to let patrons to pick up at the Circulation Desk.

Failure to collect the reserved materials within 4 days ( A/V will be held 2 days ), patrons will be canceled his/her right to claim them.

Overdue, Damage, and Loss

Borrowers who fail to return materials within the loan periods shall be charged overdue fines as follows:

  • Books / AV materials, NT$5 / item / day;
  • Reserved Books / Dissertation,NT$5 / item/HOUR.

Borrowers will be held responsible for loss or damage to any materials in their charge, or will be required to pay the full value of replacement ccording to Penalties and Discipline of “National Central University Library Borrowing Regulations.”

Most materials in the library are available for borrowing except reference books, journals, newspapers, technical reports, thesis/dissertations, microfroms, multimedia collections, etc., which only used in the library.

E-mail Reminders

After library item has been borrowed, the library will send out e-mail reminders of the following, however, the library is not accountable for the delivery of all e-mail reminders.

  • Overdue fines: Books/AV materials, NT$5/item/day; Reserved Books / Dissertation,NT$5/item/HOUR.
  • List of checkouts with due date:2 times (3 days and 1day before due date)
  • Reserved item ready for pick-up:Books on hold for 4 days,AV items on hold for 2 days.
  • Loan period shortened notification:If a book is reserved after your completed renewal, the loan period will be shortened to 7 days after the reservation request is mad. The library will notify you via e-mail.

Important notes:

  • Items checked out from branch libraries must be returned to the Owning library.
  • Please separate checked-out books with CD-ROMs when returning.
  • Do not return AV items i.e.,CD-ROM, DVD to the book drop.

TUJL (Taiwan Universities Joint Library) Borrow Service

NCU students and the staff can use ID card at any of the joint universities. One is allowed to borrow up to 5 books for 30 days.

The amount of books borrowed from NCU Library and from UST counts separately. Readers of NCU Library must return all the books borrowed from UST and pay off the fines before leaving NCU.

For other related rules, please refer to "Rules for Interlibrary Loans in Taiwan Universities Joint Library"

TUJL (Taiwan Universities Joint Library) Help Service

This service is totally free and offered only to the following readers: students, professors, staff and technicians of this NCU Readers can confirm the status of the books through the catalogue system of other joint libraries and borrow books directly by filling the application form on the UST’s webpage. The library will notify readers by e-mail after processing the request. The books are transported by special car of UST. Readers can claim the books at circulation desk of the library.

Books will be retained for 3 days, and unclaimed books will be returned to the original library. If readers fail to claim the books twice, joint libraries have the right to deny readers' requests for 6 months.

The books’ attachments are accessible. For other related rules, please refer to "Rules for Representation Loans in TUJL" and the borrowing rules of 3 other libraries.