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Certification Applying

  • 1. What is the application condition and fee for Library Memberships and alumni card?
    (1)To apply for a Library Membership card, the minimum age requirement is 18, and should pay an annual fee for NT$2000 and NT$3000 for refundable deposit. The receipt should be taken good care of so that the deposit will be given back while returning the card.
    Library Membership Books Borrowing Regulation:

    (2)For NCU alumni to borrow books, you can apply for the "Alumni Card" from the Alumni Division in the school. (Tel) 03-4227151#57043

    (3)Reference information:
    (i) Library Membership Books Borrowing Regulation:
    (ii) NCU Alumni and Retirees Books Borrowing Regulation:
  • 2. Can readers apply for the Alumni Card or Library Membership card at night or on the weekend?
    For the convenience of off-campus readers, the Information Desk provides the collection service. Since our staff needs to pay the money to Cashier Division in the office hours, the operating time is about 5 days.
  • 3. What should I do to take my deposit back?
    Please fill in the "National Center Universitiy Library Application for Deposit Refund"(,
    and return the library card and the receipt of deposit. If the receipt is lost, you need to fill in the "Lost Receipt of Deposit Affidavit"( additionally with signed and sealed, and the operating time is about a month.

Entering the Library

  • 1. How can off-campus readers enter the library?
    Please register and exchange your credential into the visitor's card at the Information Desk. The credential can be ID card, driver's license, health insurance card with photo, passport, or Alien Resident Certificate student ID card.
  • 2. Will the personal information wrote for visitor's card be let out?
    No. The form filled in when exchanging visitor's card will only be preserved for three months, after that, we will destroy all the expired forms, so please be at ease with that.
  • 3. Can readers with visitor's cards bring bags and food into the library?
    Your bags are allowed to be brought, while your personal valuables should be taken care of on your own since the library is not responsible for their lost. Every reader is prohibited to bring food and drink into the library, or you will be dealt with as violation.
  • 4. Does the library provide free lockers?
    The library has the temporary lockers at the 1F Information Desk. If necessary, you can register to use them. Personal valuables should be taken care of on your own since the library is not responsible for their lost.
  • 5. What responsibility should a reader take if he or she lose or forget to return the visitor's card?
    (1) If the visitor's card is lost, you should pay NT$200 for the damage as the cost of production.
    (2) If you do not return the visitor's card on the same day, you should pay NT$50 per day as a fine.
    The library will issue the receipt for the fine above.
  • 6. Can readers with "Interlibrary Loan card" or student ID cards of NYMU, NTHU, and NCTU enter the library directly?
    Readers with Interlibrary Loan cards or student cards of NTHU and NCTU and YMU are able to enter the library directly.
  • 7. What are the reference rules of violation and punishment?
    Please reference the NCU Library Reading and Management Principle under "4. Enter the library":

Books Borrowing

  • 1. How to set the personal password and change the e-mail address?
    The library has set default personal password for readers, please reference
    If you have any questions for setting password or changing e-mail address, please ask the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the General Library in person or call 03-4227151#57417, we are happy to provide our service.
  • 2. What are the circulation rules and privileges for readers in every type? What is the meaning of Library OPAC system message?
    (1) For the circulation rules and privileges for readers, please reference

    (2) For the meaning of Library OPAC system message, please reference
  • 3. How to renew books?
    (1) For operating process, please reference
    (2) Readers can renew books 7 days prior to the due date, and they are needed to meet these three requirements below:
    (i) The reader doesn't have any expired book. 
    (ii) The reader's borrowing right is not blocked. 
    (iii) The book is not reserved by others. 
  • 4. Why can't I renew books successfully?
    (1) If the "material status" of the book is "circulating", you can take and borrow the book from the bookshelf directly.
    (2) The book has been expired or you renew the book too early (the book can only be renewed 7 days prior to the due date).
    (3) The book is reserved by others.
    (4) The renewal is up to times (students and faculties have 3 times, UST the credit courses, Institute for Information Industry, Library Membership and alumni have 1 time).
    (5) Interlibrary Loan is not allowed to renew books.
    If you have any question, please call #57417, we are happy to provide our service.
  • 5. How to reserve books?
  • 6. What are the related rules of borrowing books?
  • 7. When can I borrow a book with the "material status" being "waiting to be shelved" or the location is "displaying at General Library 1F - New Books Display Shelf"?
    If you are hurry to get the "waiting to be shelved" books, you can ask our staff at Circulation Desk to help you take them. Generally, it takes about 3 days to completely shelf books. As for the "displaying at General Library 1F - New Books Display Shelf" books, you can borrow them directly.
  • 8. What can I do if the "material status" of a book is "circulating", but it cannot be found in the library?
    Please use the "Finding Books System"(
    and follow the explanation to fill in the form so that the service will be started.
  • 9. Can off-campus people borrow books?
    To give service to people living near NCU in Taoyuan County and faculty of schools in various levels, we have:
    (1) Library Membership Books Borrowing Regulation:
    (2) NCU Library and Schools in Various Levels in Taoyuan County Library Cards Exchanging Regulation: Through the ways above, you will be able to borrow books from the library.
  • 10. What libraries can NCU students borrow books from?
    NCU students can borrow books from other institutions in several ways below:
    (1) NCU Interlibrary Loan – Universities and Colleges –
    (2) NCU Interlibrary Loan – Other Organizations –

Electronic Resources

  • 1. Can alumni use the E-resources (including e-database, e-journals, and e-books) off campus?
    No, only current NCU faculty, staff, and students are eligible for remote access to licensed e-resources due to signed agreements. Alumni and other patrons are welcomed to visit the library to access e-resources via the public computers.
  • 2. Can I use the other UST universities’ databases or e-journals in NCU?
    No, the e-resources subscribed individually by each UST university can only be used by its own current patrons. If NTHU Library has the e-resource you need, you can visit the NTHU library to use it.
  • 3. Can NCU students access the e-resources off campus?
    All current NCU faculty, staff, and students are able to access the e-resources off campus via VPN or log in to your NCU Portal account from e-Search.

Study Carrels

  • 1. How to apply for the Study Carrels?
    Readers can apply for the Study Carrels online (title: study room, and it is able to be used 7 days per time (according to the system record). Or you can propose you project in hard paper at Circulation Desk to apply for long-term borrowing.

Reading Room

  • 1. Where is the Reading Room in school? Who are the service objects? What are the opening hours?
    (1) The Reading Room is on the 2nd floor of Zhong-Zheng Library, which is located behind the General Library.  
    (2) Since the reading seats are limited, the service objects are students in NCU only, and they can enter the Reading Room with their student ID cards. Faculty and dependents are not able to enter it.
    (3) In the semester, the opening hours are 08:00~23:00 from Monday to Sunday; as for summer and winter vacation, the opening hours will be arranged separately. In the week of examination, the Reading Room is open 24 hrs.

Readers Photocopying Service

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