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The Statement of Patron's Privileges

Post by: Information System Section published on: 2014-11-18 14:58:49

Dear Patrons:

  Welcome to National Central University Library. To ensure your full understanding of the Library's regulations and to confirm your e-mail address, you are required to sign "The Statement of Patron's Privileges" before borrowing from the Library.
  The library enforces the policy as follow:
   1.The library will send out e-mail reminders; however, the library is not accountable for the delivery of all e-mail reminders. 
   2.The fine for books returned after the grace period will trace back to the original due date and starts from NT$20. 
  If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact the circulation desk at 03-4227151 (ext. 57417 ) , or email to
Begin to sign  The Statement of Patron's Privileges ”