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Turnitin Account Application
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Important Announcement
Students who have applied for a Turnitin account before January 31, 2021, can use Turnitin until March 31, 2021. If you still need to use Turnitin, please apply again.

Turnitin FAQ

Q: Who can use Turnitin?
A: Teachers, students and staff can apply for a Turnitin account, while students who have graduated, dropped out or suspended from school cannot use Turnitin anymore.

Q: How long is a Turnitin account valid?
A: A student account is valid for one semester. Once the semester ends, all student accounts will be removed. If you still need to use Turnitin, please apply again. On the other hands, teacher and staff accounts are indefinite.

Q: How to apply for a Turnitin account?
A:Please go to the website . Then you will receive a confirmation mail within 3 working days after applying. The Turnitin account application flowchart is as follows:

Q: What kinds of file can be uploaded?
A: Turnitin will accept any file that is less than 100MB, more than 20 words, and less than 800 pages. More information is on the website: .

Q: A qualified similarity report should be under how many percent?
A: Please follow the rules of your own department.

Q: I have uploaded my paper for a long time, but my similarity report has not finished yet, why?
A: Firstly, maybe the internet is disconnected. You can try to log out and log in again. Secondly, it takes 1-2 hours to finish a similarity report. Please wait for a moment.

Q: What kinds of similarity reports should I submit?
A: There are two kinds of similarity reports in Turnitin: Current View and Digital Receipt. When applying for an oral defense, "Digital Receipt" should be submitted to your department office. After that, you should submit “Current View” to your committee members before the oral defense. Current View is available in paper or electronic file.

Turnitin manuals and video instructions

If you have any other questions, please contact Extension Services Section of NCU Library. E-mail: Tel: 03-4227151 ext 57407. (Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-17:30)