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序號 書名 索書號
1 世界名著 : 叛艦喋血記 / 霍爾(James Norman Hall)等原著 石宜(Jennifer Shih)改編 805.18 1010:2 9
2 我的英語閱讀花園 : 世界文學?選 = A Doorway to English Classics / 王琳詔總編輯 805.18 1010-5 9
3 世界名著 : 科學怪人 / 瑪麗雪萊(Mary Shelley)原著 施奈德(Sara Snyder)改編 805.18 1044 90
4 失去斑紋的老虎 = the tiger who lost his stripes / 保羅(Anthony Paul)著 福曼(Michael Foreman)繪 柯美玲譯 805.18 2660 90
5 人間喜劇 = The human comedy / William Saroyan著 805.18 3935
6 易學現代美語 : 白鯨記 = Moby dick eng / 梅爾維爾(Herman Melville)原著 Anthony Liles改編 805.18 4121 90
7 易學現代美語 : 鐵血勳章 / 史蒂芬奎恩(Stephen Crane)原著 馬丁(Sharon Martin)改編 805.18 4428 90
8 莫泊桑短篇小說選 / 莫泊桑(Guy de Maupassant)著 李淑貞譯 805.18 4437 99
9 ABC英語故事袋 = Stories and fables. 伊索寓言篇 / 黃欣怡, 秦怡如執行主編 805.18 4479 95
10 小氣財神 = A Christmas carol / 查爾士.狄更斯(Charles Dickens)著 李怡萍譯 805.18 4914 99
11 塊肉餘生記 = David copperfield / 查爾士.狄更斯(Charles Dickens著 李怡萍譯 805.18 4914-2 9
12 孤雛淚 = Oliver twist / Charles Dickens著 李怡萍譯 805.18 4914-4 9
13 世界名著 : 吸血鬼 / 伯蘭.史杜克(Bram Stoker)原著 方恩(Susan Vaughn)改編 805.18 5044:2 9
14 世界名著: 化身博士 / 史蒂文生(Robert Louis Stevenson)原著 史考特(Alfred Scott)改編 805.18 5402 90
15 最後的一課 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
16 聖誕頌 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
17 小木偶 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
18 頑童流浪記 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
19 格列佛遊記 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
20 羅密歐與茱麗葉 = Romeo and Juliet eng / 賴世雄編著 805.18 5744 93
21 尼洛與忠狗 / 賴世雄著 805.18 5744 93
22 賣火柴的小女孩 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
23 威尼斯商人 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
24 王子復仇記 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
25 最後的一葉 / 賴世雄作 805.18 5744 93
26 易學現代美語 : 小婦人 = Little women eng / 露意莎.阿柯特(Louisa May Alcott)原著 Sara Snyder改編 805.18 7112 90
27 世界名著 : 海底兩萬里 / 儒勒凡爾納(Jules Verne)原著 馬丁(Sharon Martin)改編 805.18 7712 91
28 動物農莊 / 喬治.歐威爾著 李隱世譯 805.18 7751 92
29 Bitbit,我的兔子朋友 / 蔡穎卿, 翁樂旂文 翁書旂圖 855 4427:5 98
30 快樂王子 = The happy prince and other tales eng / 王爾德著 張福敏譯 873.59 1012-3 9
6600-700 史地類(含傳記)  <回到最上面>
序號 書名 索書號
31 Of thee I sing : a letter to my daughters / Barack Obama illustrated by Loren Long. BJ1631 O23 2010
32 Way of the peaceful warrior : a book that changes lives / Dan Millman. BL624 M53 2000
33 Have a little faith : a true story / Mitch Albom. BM729.F3 A496 2
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序號 書名 索書號
34 Angela's ashes / Frank McCourt. E184.I6 M1171 1
12C 歷史學和相關科學總論   <回到最上面>
序號 書名 索書號
35 A demon of our own design : markets, hedge funds, and the perils of financial innovation / Richard Bookstaber. HG4530 B66 2007
36 The pursuit of happyness / Chris Gardner with Quincy Troupe and Mim Eichler Rivas HG4928.5 G365 2
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序號 書名 索書號
37 Tuesdays with Morrie : an old man, a young man, and life's greatest lesson / Mitch Albom. LD571.B418 S383
18J 政治科學  <回到最上面>
序號 書名 索書號
38 Ra’aytu R?m All?h. English; I saw Ramallah / Mourid Barghouti translated by Ahdaf Soueif with a foreword by Edward W. Said. PJ7816.A682 R33
39 Robin Hood : the taxman. PN1997 T39636 2
40 Night at the museum [kit] / based on the novelisation by Leslie Goldman based on the screen story and screenplay by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon [adapted by Lynda Edwards]. PN1997.2 N54 20
41 The Queen / based on the motion picture the Queen written by Peter Morgan. PN1997.2 Q833 2
42 Audition : a memoir / Barbara Walters. PN4874.W285 A3
43 Family blessings / Fern Michaels. PN6071.L7 F67 2
44 Anne Rice's Interview with the vampire / [based on the novel by Anne Rice adapted by Cynthy J. Wood paintings, Joseph Phillips letters, Vickie Williams edits, David Campiti]. PN6728.6.I5 I5
45 Rendez -vous a hong-kong / Huguette Perol PQ1245 P47 1983
46 Fabliaux du Moyen ?ge / pr?sentation, traduction, notes et dossier par Alexandre Picha,... PQ1319 F268 200
47 The Count of Monte Cristo / Alexandre Dumas edited with an introduction by David Coward; Comte de Monte-Cristo English PQ2226 A33 1990
48 Madame Bovary / Gustave Flaubert edited by Victor Brombert. PQ2246 M2 1972
49 L'?l?gance du h?risson : roman / Muriel Barbery. PQ2662.A6523 E4
50 A passo di gambero.; Turning back the clock : hot wars and media populism / Umberto Eco translated from the Italian by Alastair McEwen. PQ4865.C6 E26 2
51 Pendolo di Foucault. English.; Foucault's pendulum / Umberto Eco translated from the Italian by William Weaver. PQ4865.C6 P4613
52 Les trois souhaits de quentin / Cascade Contes PQ637.F27 B74 1
53 La fleur du clown / Cascade Contes PQ637.F27 S97 1
54 Un vilain petit loup / Cascade Contes PQ637.F27 V52 1
55 Juego del ?ngel. English; The angel's game / Carlos Ruiz Zaf?n translated by Lucia Graves. PQ6668.U49 J841
56 The shadow of the wind / Carlos Ruiz Zafon translated by Lucia Graves. PQ6668.U49 S661
57 Love in the time of cholera / Gabriel Garc?a M?rquez translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman. PQ8180.17.A73 A
58 Approaches to teaching Garc?a M?rquez's One hundred years of solitude / edited by Mar?a Elena de Vald?s and Mario J. Vald?s. PQ8180.17.A73 C
59 Memoria de mis putas tristes. English; Memories of my melancholy whores / Gabriel Garcia Marquez translated from the Spanish by Edith Grossman. PQ8180.17.A73 M
60 One hundred years of solitude / Translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa; Cien a?nos de soledad English PQ8180.17.A73 O
61 Roobin hood : the silver arrow and the slaves. PR2129 S5 2008
62 Gulliver's travels : an authoritative text, the correspondence of Swift, Pope's verses on Gulliver's travels : critical essays / Jonathan Swift ed. by robert A. Greenberg PR3724 G951
63 Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's travels / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom PR3724.G8 J66 1
64 Pride and prejudice / Jane Austen fact files written by Jacquie Bloese. PR4034 P7 2007
65 Jane Eyre / Charlotte Bronte ill. by Jenny Thorne PR4165.F8 J253
66 Jane Eyre : Great stories in easy English / Charlotte Bronte abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
67 A tale of two cities: Great stories in easy English / Charles Dickens abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
68 Pride and prejudice : Great stories in easy English / Jane Austen abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
69 Silas Marner: Great stories in easy English / George Eliot abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
70 The three musketeers: Great stories in easy English / Alexandre Dumas abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
71 Treasure isaland: Great stories in easy English / R.L. Stevenson abridged and simplified by S.E.Paces PR4167 G7
72 Tales from the Arabian nights: Great stories in easy English / S.E. Paces abridged and simplified by S.E. Paces PR4167 G7
73 Wuthering Heights: Great stories in easy English / Emily Bronte abridged and simplified by S.E. Paces PR4167 G7
74 Wuthering Heights : complete, authoritative text with biographical and historical contexts, critical history, and essays from five contemporary critical perspectives / edited by Linda H. Peterson PR4172 W7
75 Wuthering Heights / Emily Bront?. PR4172 W87 1985
76 Wuthering Heights : an authoritative text with essays in criticism / Emily jane Bronte by William M. Sale PR4172.A2 S32
77 Charles Dickens, Bleak House / Graham Storey PR4556 S86 1987
78 David Copperfield / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom PR4558 D38
79 David Copperfield / Charles Dickens abridged by W. Jewesbury and illustrations by Phiz. PR4558.A2 B87 1
80 Great expectations / by Anthony Mortimer. PR4560 M67 1980
81 Nicholas Nickleby / by Charles Dickens ,adapted in simple english by Margery Green PR4565.A2 S35 1
82 Charles Dickens's A tale of two cities / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom PR4571 C48 1987
83 A tale of two cities / by Charles Dickens retold by Patricia Atkinson PR4571.A21 A84
84 The mill on the Floss / George Eliot simplified by Michael West revised by D.K. Swan. PR4604 G74 1978
85 Alice's adventures in Wonderland; The annotated Alice : Alice's adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking glass / by Lewis Carroll with illustrations by John Tenniel updated PR4611 A7 1999
86 Alice's adventures in wonderland / by Lewis Carroll adapted by Margery Green PR4611.A2 G73 1
87 Alice's adventures in Wonderland : Authoritative texts of Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there / by Donald J. Gray PR4611.A4 G791
88 The mill on the Floss / by George Eliot retold by E. F. Dodd PR4664.A2 D6 19
89 Vanity fair / William Makepeace Thackeray [adapt. by: Jane Rollason ed.: Mary Corfield]. PR5618 A1 2009
90 The war of the worlds / H. G. Wells with an afterword by Isaac Asimov. PR5774 W3 1986
91 Murder on the Orient Express : a hercule poirot mystery / Agatha Christie. PR6005.H66 A6 2
92 2001 : a space odyssey / Arthur C. Clarke based on a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke with a new introduction by the author. PR6005.L36 A615
93 3001 : the final odyssey / Arthur C. Clarke. PR6005.L36 A618
94 A Room with a view / E. M. Forster PR6011.O58 R6 1
95 Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh Robert C. O'Brien . PR6015.U9 F74 1
96 Sons and lovers = 兒子與情人 / by David Herbert Lawrence 紀秋郎編註 PR6023.A93 S28c
97 Love, again : a novel / Doris Lessing. PR6023.E833 L47
98 The chronicles of Narnia / C. S. Lewis illustrated by Pauline Baynes. PR6023.E926 A15
99 Peter Rabbit Easter egg hunt. PR6031.O72 P47
100 Dracula : authoritative text, contexts, reviews and reactions, dramatic and film variations, criticism / edited by Nina Auerbach and David J. Skal. PR6037.T617 D7
101 Dracula : complete, authoritative text with biographical, historical, and cultural contexts, critical history, and essays from contemporary critical perspectives / edited by John Paul Riquelme. PR6037.T617 D7
102 The fellowship of the ring : being the first part of The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien. PR6039.O32 F45
103 The battle for Middle-Earth : Tolkien's divine design in Lord of the rings / Fleming Rutledge. PR6039.O32 L637
104 The return of the king : being the third part of The lord of the rings / by J.R.R. Tolkien. PR6039.O32 R47
105 Tolkien and the invention of myth : a reader / edited by Jane Chance. PR6039.O32 Z839
106 Charlie and the chocolate factory / Roald Dahl illustrated by Michael Foreman. PR6045.I55 T37
107 Billy Elliot / by Melvin Burgess [adapted by Jacquie Bloese] based on a motion picture screenplay written by Lee Hall. PR6052.U642 B55
108 American gods : a novel / Neil Gaiman. PR6057.A319 A84
109 The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish / [Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean]. PR6057.A319 D39
110 Good omens : the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch / Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett. PR6057.A319 G66
111 MirrorMask / by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Dave McKean. PR6057.A319 M57
112 The wolves in the walls / written by Neil Gaiman illustrated by Dave McKean. PR6057.A319 W64
113 The other Boleyn girl : a novel / Philippa Gregory. PR6057.R386 O84
114 Confessions of a shopaholic / Sophie Kinsella PR6061 I54 2001
115 Shopaholic takes Manhattan / Sophie Kinsella. PR6061.I54 S52
116 Shopaholic ties the knot / Sophie Kinsella. PR6061.I54 S57
117 A perfect spy / John le Carr?e PR6062.E33 P47
118 The drawing of the three / Stephen King PR6063.A11874 D
119 The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency / Alexander McCall Smith. PR6063.C326 N6
120 On Chesil Beach : a novel / Ian McEwan. PR6063.C4 M33 2
121 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire / by J.K. Rowling illustrations by Mary GrandPr?. PR6068.O94 H24
122 The master: a novel/ Colm Toibin. PR6070.0455 M37
123 Affinity / Sarah Waters. PR6073.A828 A77
124 Fingersmith / Sarah Waters. PR6073.A828 F56
125 The night watch / Sarah Waters. PR6073.A828 N54
126 Tipping the velvet / Sarah Waters. PR6073.A828 T56
127 The acid house / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 A64
128 Filth : a novel / by Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 F55
129 If you liked school, you'll love work-- / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 I35
130 Porno / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 P67
131 Trainspotting / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 T73
132 Trainspotting / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 T73
133 You'll have had your hole / Irvine Welsh. PR6073.E47 Y68
134 Can you keep a secret? / Sophie Kinsella. PR6073.I246 C36
135 Mini Shopaholic : a novel / Sophie Kinsella. PR6073.I246 M56
136 Remember me? / Sophie Kinsella. PR6073.I246 R46
137 Shopaholic & baby / Sophie Kinsella. PR6073.I246 S55
138 Shopaholic & sister / Sophie Kinsella. PR6073.I246 S56
139 The Gift: a novel / Cecelia Ahern. PR6101.H47 G54
140 No bones / Anna Burns. PR6102.U76 N6 2
141 In the merde for love / Stephen Clarke PR6103.L3748 I5
142 A year in the merde / Stephen Clarke. PR6103.L3748 Y4
143 The Eyre affair : a novel / Jasper Fforde. PR6106.F67 F46
144 Atlantis / David Gibbins. PR6107.I225 A97
145 Crusader gold / David Gibbins. PR6107.I225 C78
146 Fruit of the lemon / Andrea Levy. PR6112.E889 F78
147 Playing James / Sarah Mason. PR6113.A85 P57
148 Me and Mr Darcy / Alexandra Potter. PR6116.O89 M4 2
149 Slumdog millionaire / Vikas Swarup. PR9499.4.S93 S6
150 Parrot and Olivier in America / Peter Carey. PR9619.3.C36 P3
151 The secret river / Kate Grenville. PR9619.3.G73 S4
152 The thorn birds / Colleen McCullough PR9619.3.M32 T5
153 Sounder / William H. Armstrong. PS1039.A62 A75
154 Les aventures d'Huckleberry finn / Mark Twain traduit de l'americain par Suzanne Netillard ill. de Nathaele Vogel; Adventures of Huckleberry Finn French PS1305 A47 1982
155 Mark Twain adventures of Huckleberry Finn : a case study in critical controversy / edited by Gerald Graff [and] John Phelan PS1305 M27 1995
156 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / by Mark Twain. PS1305 T93 1987
157 The jumping frog in English, then in French, then clawed back into a civilized language once more by patient, unremunerated toil / by Mark Twain illustrated by F. Strothmann PS1322 J8
158 The scarlet letter Nathaniel Hawthorne. PS1868 S81 2003
159 The turn of the screw : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, essays in criticism / Henry James edited by Robert Kimbrough. PS2116 T8 1966
160 Zoo for who? / Annie West. PS3501 Z66 1994
161 The wonderful Wizard of Oz / L. Frank Baum with pictures by W.W. Denslow edited with an introduction by Susan Wolstenholme; Wizard of Oz PS3503.A723 W59
162 A theft / Saul Bellow PS3503.E4488 T4
163 Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom. PS3503.R167 F33
164 The great Gatsby / F. Scott Fitzgerald edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli textual consultant, Fredson Bowers PS3511.I9 G7 19
165 On the road / by Jack Kerouac. PS3521.E735 O53
166 The call of the wild / Jack London adapted by Ardis E. Burton PS3523.O46 B953
167 Miss Crandall's school for young ladies and little misses of color : poems / by Elizabeth Alexander and Marilyn Nelson pictures by Floyd Cooper. PS3551.L3494 M5
168 Midlife crisis with Dick and Jane / Nin Andrews. PS3551.N444 M53
169 The gods themselves / Isaac Asimov. PS3551.S5 G6 19
170 The Brooklyn follies / Paul Auster. PS3551.U77 B76
171 Absolute power / David Baldacci. PS3552.A446 E93
172 The cat who knew a cardinal / Lilian Jackson Braun PS3552.R345 C33
173 The cat who lived high / Lilian Jackson Braun PS3552.R354 C34
174 The cat who went into the closet / Lilian Jackson Braun PS3552.R354 C36
175 Angels & demons : special illustrated edition / Dan Brown. PS3552.R685434
176 The Da Vinci code : a novel / Dan Brown. PS3552.R685434
177 The Da Vinci code : a novel / Dan Brown. PS3552.R685434
178 Etude sur Dan Brown, Da Vinci code / Denis Labb?, Gilbert Millet. PS3552.R685434
179 Deception point / Dan Brown. PS3552.R685434
180 Digital fortress / Dan Brown. PS3552.R685434
181 Pulp / Charles Bukowski. PS3552.U4 P8 19
182 A wolf at the table : a memoir of my father / Augusten Burroughs. PS3552.U745 B87
183 Naked lunch : the restored text / William Burroughs edited by James Grauerholz and Barry Miles with an introduction by J.G. Ballard. PS3552.U75 N3 2
184 Lipstick jungle / Candace Bushnell. PS3552.U8229 L5
185 One Fifth Avenue / Candace Bushnell. PS3552.U8229 O5
186 Trading up / Candace Bushnell. PS3552.U8229 T7
187 The amazing adventures of Kavalier & Clay : a novel / Michael Chabon. PS3553.H15 A82
188 Girl with a pearl earring / Tracy Chevalier. PS3553.H4367 G5
189 ?tude sur Tracy Chevalier, La jeune fille ? la perle / Denise Werlen. PS3553.H4367 J4
190 Jesus : a story of enlightenment / Deepak Chopra. PS3553.H587 J47
191 Patriot games / Tom Clancy PS3553.L245 P38
192 Patriot games / Tom Clancy PS3553.L245 P38
193 Icon : by Frederick Forsyth. PS3553.L278 F67
194 The lottery winner : Alvirah and Willy stories / Mary Higgins Clark. PS3553.L287 L59
195 Two little girls in blue / Mary Higgins Clark. PS3553.L287 L59
196 What looks like crazy on an ordinary day-- / Pearl Cleage. PS3553.L3886 W4
197 Crazy heart / Thomas Cobb. PS3553.O194 C62
198 Tomb of the Dragon Emperor / [adapt. by: Jane Revell ed.: Fiona Davis]. PS3553.O4753 M7
199 The red horseman / Stephen Coonts PS3553.O5796 R4
200 The boggart / Susan Cooper. PS3553.O6234 B6
201 The rainmaker / John Grisham. PS3553.O78 R35
202 The Andromeda strain / Michael Crichton PS3553.R48 A83
203 Congo / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 C6 2
204 Eaters of the dead : the manuscript of Ibn Fadlan relating his experiences with the Northmen in A.D. 922 / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 E25
205 The great train robbery / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 G7 2
206 Jurassic Park. German; DinoPark : Roman / Michael Crichton aus dem Amerikanischen von Klaus Berr. PS3553.R48 J87
207 Next : a novel / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 N48
208 Prey / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 P74
209 Sphere : a novel / by Michael Crichton PS3553.R48 S6 1
210 State of fear : a novel / Michael Crichton. PS3553.R48 S73
211 The terminal man / Michael Crichton PS3553.R48 T4 1
212 The science of Michael Crichton : an unauthorized exploration into the real science behind the fictional worlds of Michael Crichton / edited by Kevin R. Grazier. PS3553.R48 Z78
213 Giggle, giggle, quack / by Doreen Cronin pictures by Betsy Lewin. PS3553.R5414 G5
214 Flesh and blood / Michael Cunningham. PS3553.U484 F57
215 A home at the end of the world / Michael Cunningham. PS3553.U484 H66
216 The hours / Michael Cunningham. PS3553.U484 H68
217 Love walked in : a novel / Marisa de los Santos. PS3554.E11419 L
218 The bone collector / Jeffery Deaver. PS3554.E1755 B6
219 The coffin dancer / Jeffery Deaver. PS3554.E1755 C6
220 Underworld / Don DeLillo. PS3554.E4425 U5
221 Wild fire : a novel / Nelson DeMille. PS3554.E472 W55
222 The inheritance of loss / Kiran Desai. PS3554.E82 I53
223 The Last samurai / Helen DeWitt. PS3554.E92945 S
224 Martian time-slip / Philip K. Dick. PS3554.I3 M28 1
225 The Rosetta key : an Ethan Gage adventure / William Dietrich. PS3554.I367 R67
226 Hafren : a fantasy for the young at heart / Craig Dressler PS3554.R27 H3 2
227 The city of Ember / Jeanne DuPrau. PS3554.U5667 C5
228 Against the law / Michael C. Eberhardt. PS3555.B465 A73
229 The memory keeper's daughter / Kim Edwards. PS3555.D942 M46
230 Middlesex / Jeffrey Eugenides. PS3555.U4 M53 2
231 Transformers / based on the screenplay by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman from a story by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and John Rogers. PS3556.O756 T73
232 The Jane Austen book club / Karen Joy Fowler. PS3556.O844 J36
233 Cold mountain : a novel / by Charles Frazier. PS3556.R3599 C6
234 Neuromancer / William Gibson. PS3557.I2264 N4
235 The confessions of Max Tivoli / Andrew Sean Greer. PS3557.R3987 C6
236 The brethren / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 B7
237 The broker / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 B7
238 The broker / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 B7
239 The chamber / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 D4
240 The firm / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 F5
241 The street lawyer / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 G8
242 The king of torts / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 K5
243 A painted house / by John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 P1
244 The partner / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 P3
245 Playing for pizza / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 P5
246 The summons / John Grisham. PS3557.R5355 S8
247 Forrest Gump : the novel / by Winston Groom. PS3557.R56 F67
248 Our Lady of the Forest / David Guterson. PS3557.U846 O94
249 Snow falling on cedars / David Guterson. PS3557.U846 S65
250 Dead until dark / Charlaine Harris. PS3558.A6427 D4
251 Ash Wednesday / Ethan Hawke. PS3558.A8165 A9
252 The talented Mr. Ripley Ripley under ground Ripley's game / Patricia Highsmith. PS3558.I366 A6
253 The talented Mr. Ripley / Patricia Highsmith. PS3558.I366 T33
254 A free life / Ha Jin. PS3560.I6 F74 2
255 The Alice stories / Jesse Lee Kercheval. PS3561.E558 A78
256 The bad death of Eduard Delacroix / Stephen King PS3561.I483 B32
257 Coffey on the mile / Stephen King PS3561.I483 C63
258 Coffey's hands / Stephen King PS3561.I483 C63
259 'Salem's Lot / Stephen King PS3561.I483 K56
260 The mouse on the mile / Stephen King PS3561.I483 M68
261 Needful things / Stephen King. PS3561.I483 N4
262 Nightmares & dreamscapes / Stephen King PS3561.I483 N5
263 Night journey / Stephen King PS3561.I483 N53
264 The running man / Richard Bachman PS3561.I483 R8
265 The Tommyknockers / Stephen King PS3561.I483 T66
266 The two dead girls / Stephen King with a foreword by the author PS3561.I483 T93
267 The waste lands / Stephen King PS3561.I483 W37
268 The poisonwood Bible : a novel / Barbara Kingsolver. PS3561.I496 P65
269 Thumbsucker : a novel / Walter Kirn. PS3561.I746 T48
270 The hour I first believed : a novel / Wally Lamb. PS3562.A433 H68
271 Where the heart is / Billie Letts. PS3562.E856 W48
272 Robert Ludlum's the Bourne betrayal : a new Jason Bourne novel / by Eric Van Lustbader. PS3562.U752 R63
273 All the pretty horses / Cormac McCarthy. PS3563.C337 A79
274 After this / Alice McDermott. PS3563.C355 T51
275 Ghost town : tales of Manhattan then and now / Patrick McGrath. PS3563.C3663 M3
276 The burning time : a novel / Robin Morgan. PS3563.O87148 M
277 A mercy : a novel / by Toni Morrison. PS3563.O8749 M4
278 Harlem : a poem / by Walter Dean Myers pictures by Christopher Myers. PS3563.Y48 H37
279 Her fearful symmetry : a novel / Audrey Niffenegger. PS3564.I362 H47
280 The time traveler's wife / Audrey Niffenegger. PS3564.I362 T56
281 The things they carried : a work of fiction / by Tim O'Brien. PS3565.B75 T48
282 A good man is hard to find and other stories / Flannery O'Connor. PS3565.C57 G6 1
283 Wise blood / Flannery O'Connor. PS3565.C57 W57
284 The last station : a novel of Tolstoy's final year / Jay Parini. PS3566.A65 P37
285 Along came a spider / James Patterson. PS3566.A822 A79
286 Kiss the girls : a novel / by James Patterson. PS3566.A822 K57
287 The Midnight Club : a novel / by James Patterson. PS3566.A822 M54
288 When the wind blows : a novel / by James Patterson. PS3566.A822 W44
289 Little children / Tom Perrotta. PS3566.E6948 L5
290 Change of heart / Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 C47
291 Handle with care / by Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 H36
292 House rules : a novel / Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 H68
293 My sister's keeper / Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 M97
294 Nineteen minutes : a novel / Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 N56
295 The pact / Jodi Picoult. PS3566.I372 P32
296 The tenth circle / Jodi Picoult illustrations by Dustin Weaver. PS3566.I372 T46
297 Bad dirt : Wyoming stories 2 / Annie Proulx. PS3566.R697 B33
298 Brokeback mountain / Annie Proulx. PS3566.R697 B76
299 That old ace in the hole : a novel / Annie Proulx. PS3566.R697 T48
300 American pastoral / Philip Roth. PS3568.O855 A77
301 Empire falls / Richard Russo. PS3568.U812 E4
302 Message in a bottle / Nicholas Sparks PS3569 P363 199
303 Deceit / James Siegel. PS3569.I3747 D4
304 Derailed / James Siegel. PS3569.I3747 D4
305 Dear John / Nicholas Sparks. PS3569.P363 D43
306 Nights in Rodanthe / Nicholas Sparks. PS3569.P363 N54
307 The notebook / Nicholas Sparks. PS3569.P363 N68
308 A walk to remember / Nicholas Sparks. PS3569.P363 W35
309 Amazing grace / [adapt. by: Jane Revell fact files written by: Jacquie Bloese ed.: Cheryl Pelteret]. PS3569.T33828 A
310 Echoes / Danielle Steel. PS3569.T33828 E
311 Toxic bachelors / Danielle Steel. PS3569.T33828 T
312 The art of racing in the rain : a novel / Garth Stein. PS3569.T3655 A8
313 Snow crash / Neal Stephenson. PS3569.T3868 S6
314 Damascus Gate / Robert Stone. PS3569.T6418 D3
315 The kitchen god's wife / Amy Tan. PS3570.A48 K58
316 Saving fish from drowning / Amy Tan. PS3570.A48 S23
317 Saving fish from drowning / Amy Tan. PS3570.A48 S23
318 The opposite of fate / Amy Tan. PS3570.A48 Z47
319 Rabbit at rest / John Updike. PS3571.P4 R23 1
320 In search of our mothers' gardens : womanist prose / Alice Walker. PS3573.A425 Z46
321 The Lost chronicles. Part 1. PS3573.E3978 D7
322 Call me by your name / Andr? Aciman. PS3601.C525 A24
323 Love, Rosie / Cecelia Ahern. PS3601.H47 L68
324 The five people you meet in heaven / Mitch Albom. PS3601.L.335 F5
325 For one more day / Mitch Albom. PS3601.L335 F59
326 Elizabeth : the golden age. PS3601.L3565 E5
327 The Charlemagne pursuit : a novel / Steve Berry. PS3602.E764 C47
328 A false sense of well being / Jeanne Braselton. PS3602.R38 F35
329 The rule of four : a dell book / Ian Caldwell & Dustin Thomason. PS3603.A435 R85
330 Hunted : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 C48
331 Untamed : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
332 Chosen : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
333 Betrayed : a House of Night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
334 Tempted / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
335 Burned : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
336 Awakened : a house of night novel / P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. PS3603.A869 H68
337 Forget about it / Caprice Crane. PS3603.R379 F67
338 Stupid and contagious / Caprice Crane. PS3603.R379 S78
339 Bright shiny morning / James Frey. PS3606.R488 B75
340 Pride and prejudice and zombies : the classic Regency romance -- now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem! / by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. PS3607.R33848 P
341 The kite runner / Khaled Hosseini. PS3608.O832 K58
342 The kite runner / Khaled Hosseini. PS3608.O832 K58
343 A thousand splendid suns / Khaled Hosseini. PS3608.O832 T56
344 The present : the secret to enjoying your work and life, now! / Spencer Johnson. PS3610.O383 P75
345 Dreamgirls / based on the novelization by Denene Millner screenplay by Bill Condon. PS3613.I565 D74
346 The price of everything : a parable of possibility and prosperity / Russell Roberts. PS3618.O3159 R6
347 The thirteenth tale : a novel / Diane Setterfield. PS3619.E86 T48
348 Major Pettigrew's last stand : a novel / Helen Simonson. PS3619.I56294 M
349 Chasing Harry Winston / Lauren Weisberger. PS3623.E453 C48
350 The Devil wears Prada / Lauren Weisberger. PS3623.E453 D48
351 The Devil wears Prada audio pack. PS3623.E453 D48
352 Everyone worth knowing / Lauren Weisberger. PS3623.E453 E84
353 Stardust / Neil Gaiman. PS648.A36 G3 20
354 The swarm : a novel / Frank Schatzing translated by Sally-Ann Spencer. PT2680.A79 S381
355 The reader / Bernhard Schlink translated from the German by Carol Brown Janeway. PT2680.L54 V671
356 Parfum. English; Perfume : the story of a murderer / Patrick Suskind translated from the German by John E. Woods. PT2681.U74 P313
357 M?n som hatar kvinnor. English; The girl with the dragon tattoo / Stieg Larsson translated from the Swedish by Reg Keeland. PT9876.22.A6933
358 The earth's crust / Irving and Ruth Adler PZ10 A52
359 A book of stars for you / by Franklyn M. Branley PZ10 B734bo
360 The runaway bunny. Pictures by Clement Hurd. PZ10.3 B7656Ru5
361 The very quiet cricket / Eric Carle. PZ10.3.C1896 V4
362 Lemur landing : a story of a Madagascan tropical dry forest / by Deborah Dennard illustrated by Kristin Kest. PZ10.3.D386 Le
363 The wind in the willows / simplified by Sue Ullstein illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard PZ10.3.G76 Wi46
364 The wind in the willows / Kenneth Grahame introduction by Francis R. Gemme PZ10.3.G76 Wia
365 Fish is fish. PZ10.3.L6465 L5
366 A kiss for Little Bear / by Else Holmelund Minarik pictures by Maurice Sendak. PZ10.3.M628 K57
367 Gravity at work and play / by Sune Engelbrektson with pictures by Eric Carle PZ10.E32 Gr
368 L'ile aux quatre familles / Paul Jammes illustrations de Beatrice Tanaka PZ21 A99
369 La ch?vre de M. Seguin / contes d'Alphonse Daudet illustr?s par Janicotte. PZ21 D23 1985
370 Edouard et Julie c'est pour la vie : Roman / Jeanne Benameur, Alain Korkos. PZ21.1 B46 1999
371 Il plent des hamburgers / texte de Judi Barrett images de Ron Barrett PZ23 B275
372 Les farfeluches font des achats, en 314 mots / conception et texte d'Alain Gree ill. de Luis Camps PZ23 G81fa
373 L'arbre genereux / Shell Silverstein PZ23 S39 1982
374 Doudou, le tout doux / Jez Alborough traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; Cuddley dudley French PZ23.A42 D68 19
375 L'inebranlabe soldat de plomb / Hans Christian Andersen texte francais d'Isabel Finkenstaedt; The steadfast tin soldier French PZ23.A52 I53 19
376 Le congres des sorcieres / Sylvie Auzary-Luton PZ23.A99 C66 19
377 Le tunnel / Anthony Browne traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; The tunnel French PZ23.B76 T86 19
378 Quand les petits ours n'ont pas sommeil / Quint Buchholz texte francais de Claude Lager; Schlaf gut PZ23.B82 Q36 19
379 La Princesse Grenouille / Laura Cecil illustre par Emma Chichester Clark traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; The frog princess French PZ23.C42 P74 19
380 Marie et le chat sauvage / Jacques Chessex illustrations de Daniele Bour PZ23.C43 M37 19
381 Neuf, l'oeuf / Jacques Chessex illustrations de Daniele Bour PZ23.C43 N48 19
382 Le renard qui disait non a la lune / Jacques Chessex illustrations de Daniele Bour PZ23.C43 R46 19
383 Mon royaume / Kitty Crowther PZ23.C76 M66 19
384 Kleiner eisb?r, komm bald wieder! French; Plume en bateau / Hans de Beer Traduction d'Anne-Marie Chapouton. PZ23.D32 P4 199
385 Plume et la station polaire/ Hans de Beer Traduction de geraldine elaschner. PZ23.D32 P485 1
386 Plume s'echappe/ Hans de Beer Traduction d'Anne-Marie Chapouton. PZ23.D32 P48y19
387 Jamais je ne t'oubierai / Lydia Devos illustre par Pierre Cornuel PZ23.D48 J35 19
388 Le fauteuil bleu / Imme Dros texte francais de Claude Lager; De blauwe stoel PZ23.D76 F38 19
389 Odette, un printemps a Paris / Kay Fender PZ23.F46 O33 19
390 Armelle la toute belle / Colette Hellings PZ23.H44 A75 19
391 Berthe & Alberte / Colette Hellings PZ23.H44 B47 19
392 Poucet le poussin / Sally Hobson texte francais de Claude Lager; Chicken little French PZ23.H62 P68 19
393 Petit chaton a des ennuis / Keiko Kanao adapte du japonais par Florence Seyvos; A kitten's first tree-climbing French PZ23.K36 P47 19
394 La baleine aux yeux d'or / Chantal de Marolles illustrations de Bernadette Pons PZ23.M37 B34 19
395 Chere Zoe / Claire Masurel PZ23.M37 C43 19
396 Demain c'est Noel / Claire Masurel illustrations de Marie H. Henry PZ23.M37 D45 19
397 Puccini = canari de Paris / Claire Masurel PZ23.M37 P82 19
398 Et moi, pere Noel? / Virginia Mayo; Don't forget me PZ23.M39 M64 19
399 Le dernier voyage / Andrea Neve illustrations de Mario Ramos PZ23.N48 D47 19
400 La grande decision de la petite souris / Neve, Andrea PZ23.N48 G72 19
401 La maison de Rene Tourdi / Matt Novak traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; Elmer Blunt's open house French PZ23.N68 M34 19
402 Le voyage de Simon et Rufus / Francine Oomen texte francais de Claude Lager PZ23.O55 V69 19
403 L'arbre sans fin / Claude Ponti PZ23.P66 A72 19
404 Moun / Rascal PZ23.R37 M68 19
405 Noel / Rascal PZ23.R37 N63 19
406 Novembre au printemps / Rascal illustrations de Mario Ramos PZ23.R37 N68 19
407 Le demenagement / Michael Rosen illustrations de Sophy Williams traduit de l'anglais par Elisabeth Duval; Moving French PZ23.R67 D45 19
408 Lune apres lune / James Thruber traduit de l'americain par Elisabeth Duval; Many moons French PZ23.T48 L86 19
409 Les trois brigands / Tomi Ungerer PZ23.U53 T76 19
410 La visite de Mamie / Jill Paton Walsh texte traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; When grandma came French PZ23.W34 V57 19
411 Philomene / Anne Wilsdorf PZ23.W54 P44 19
412 La famille Cochon demenage / ecrite par Marie-Agnes Gaudrat illustree par Colette Camil PZ24 G38 1997
413 Contes de perrault/ Charles Perrault PZ24 P44 1979
414 Le petit prince / Antoine de Saint-Exupery avec les dessins de l'auteur PZ24 S25 1946
415 Les contes de Charles Perrault / Charles Perrault illustrations de Daniele Bour Vignette Laura Bour PZ24.1.P47 C66
416 Les fables de La Fontaine / Jean de La Fontaine illustrations de Daniele Bour PZ24.2.F66 F32
417 Saperli & Papette / Elzbieta PZ24.3.E49 S26
418 Ce jour la / Mitsumasa Anno PZ24.9.A55 J68
419 Clown / Elzbieta PZ24.9.E49 C56
420 Ourson a disparu / Jean-Luc Englebert PZ24.9.E53 O97
421 Encore un jour sans papa / Colette Hellings PZ24.9.H44 E52
422 Nana & Zazou au bac a sable / Colette Hellings PZ24.9.H44 N36
423 Le vie de chateau / Eddy Krahenbuhl PZ24.9.K72 V53
424 Le coton / Momoko Miyakawa illustrations de Mariko Imai, traduit et adapte du japonais par Jean-Christian Bouvier et Florence Seyvos; The cotton French PZ24.9.M59 C67
425 Il pleut / Peter Spier; Rain French PZ24.9.S64 P53
426 Je n'ai vraiment pas de chance / Susanne Strub PZ24.9.S77 J4 1
427 Poucette et autres contes / trad. de D. Soldi, E. Gregoire, L. Moland ill. de Hans Tegner. PZ24.A52 A159 1
428 Les contes de Hans Christian Andersen / Hans Christian Andersen illustrations de Daniele Bour traduction de D. Soldi...[et al.] PZ24.A52 C66 19
429 Contes d'ailleurs et d'autre part / Pierre Gripari illustre par Claude Lapointe PZ24.G74 A34 19
430 Buster / Linda Jennings illustrations de Catherine Walters traduction de Eliane Fanssen PZ24.J46 B87 19
431 Blanche-neige / raconte par Josephine Poole texte traduit de l'anglais par Isabel Finkenstaedt; Snow White French PZ24.P66 B52 19
432 Princesse = la princesse au petit pois / Anne Wilsdorf d'apres le conte de Hans Christian Andersen PZ24.W54 P74 19
433 Lion chasse / Claude K. Dubois PZ26.3.D82 L56
434 Suivons ce chat ! / Masako Izawa traduit du japonais par Jean-Christian Bouvier; Let's follow and observe a town cat French PZ26.3.I92 S94
435 Un poisson est un poisson / Leo Lionni texte francais de Adolphe Chagot; Fish is fish French PZ26.3.L56 P64
436 Tout pourrit ! / Hirotaka Nakano traduit du japonais par Jean-Christian Bouvier; Kusaru French PZ26.N34 T68 19
437 Pride and prejudice / edited with an introduction by R. W. Chapman PZ3 A74Pro
438 The adventures of Tom Sawyer / Mark Twain [pseud.] simplified by W. J. Hoggett PZ3 C591at
439 A tale of two cities / Charles Dickens with an intro. by Sir John Shuckburgh and 16 illus by phiz PZ3 D555 1994
440 Pride and prejudice : An authoritative text, backgrounds, reviews, and essays in criticism. / edited by Donald J. Gray. PZ3.A74 A97 196
441 Pride and prejudice / Jane Austen, retold by Joan Macintosh PZ3.A93 Pr74 19
442 Pride and prejudice / Jane Austen simplified by Evelyn Attwood PZ3.A93 Pr83 19
443 The stranger / Albert Camus, translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert; ?Etranger] English PZ3.C1574 C35
444 Oliver Twist / With an introd. and appreciation by Arthur Calder-Marshall. Illus. by George Cruikshank PZ3.D55 Ol83
445 Great expectations / Charles Dickens with 21 illus by F. W. Pail thorpe and an intro. by Frederick Page PZ3.D555 Gro
446 The adventures of Oliver Twist / Charles Dickens by George Cruikshank and an intro. by Humphry House PZ3.D555 Olo
447 One hundred years of solitude / Gabriel Garcia Marquez translated from the Spanish by Gregory Rabassa PZ3.G165 Onp
448 The old man and the sea. PZ3.H3736 O1 19
449 Les miserables / Victor Marie Hugo translated from the French by Charles E. Wilbour Abridged with an introduction by James K. Robinson PZ3.H874 Mif
450 Brave new world / Aldous Leonard Huxley PZ3.H982 Brp
451 And now Miguel / Joseph Krumgold PZ3.K941 Anm
452 The door in the wall : stories / Oliver La Farge PZ3.L131 Dom
453 The magician : a novel / William Somerset Maugham together with a fragment of autobiography PZ3.M442 Map
454 Ivanhoe / with a preface by Malcolm Elwin PZ3.S43 I125
455 Gulliver's travels / Jonathan Swift, abridged and adapted by Joan Macintosh PZ3.S9765 G112
456 Hsi yu chi. English. Selections.; The adventures of monkey / Wu Cheng-en translated from the Chinese by Arthur Waley. PZ3.W95 Adg
457 The case of the lonely lady / John Milne illustrated by Christopher Price. PZ4 M54 1992
458 A virtuous woman : a novel / by Kaye Gibbons. PZ4.G367 Vi 199
459 To kill a mockingbird / by Harper Lee. PZ4.L512 Top
460 One fall day / Molly Bang. PZ7 B2217On 199
461 Bonjour, Babar! : the six unabridged classics by the creator of Babar / Jean de Brunhoff with an introduction by Kevin Henkes. PZ7 B81984My 20
462 My dad / Anthony Browne. PZ7 B81984My 20
463 Willy the dreamer / Anthony Browne. PZ7 B81984Wfj 2
464 The Wanderer / by Sharon Creech drawings by David Diaz. PZ7 C8615 2000
465 Fly away home : a novel / by Patricia Hermes from the screenplay by Robert Rodat and Vince McKewin retold by Karen Holmes. PZ7 H4317 Fl 19
466 Something to blog about : a novel / Shana Norris. PZ7 N7984 2008
467 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets / by J.K. Rowling illustrations by Mary Grandpre. PZ7 R798351 199
468 Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban / by J.K. Rowling illustrations by Mary GrandPr?. PZ7 R798351 199
469 Grandfather's journey / written and illustrated by Allen Say. PZ7 S2744Gr 199
470 Math curse / Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. PZ7 S41267Mat 1
471 Bad day at Riverbend / Chris Van Allsburg. PZ7 V2624Bad 19
472 The stranger / Chris Van Allsburg. PZ7 V266St 1986
473 Walt Disney's story a day for every day of the year, Summer PZ7 W17
474 Charlotte's web / Pictures by Garth Williams PZ7 W582
475 The beautiful Christmas tree / Charlotte Zolotow illustrated by Yan Nascimbene. PZ7 Z77Be 1999
476 The seashore book / Charlotte Zolotow paintings by Wendell Minor. PZ7 Z77Se 1992
477 The book thief / by Markus Zusak. PZ7 Z8371 2006
478 Janes in love / by Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg with lettering by Rob Clark, Jr., and gray tones by Jasen Lex. PZ7.7.C39 C37 2
479 Little women / Louisa May Alcott illustrated by Jill Elgin PZ7.A19 Liw
480 Little women / by Louisa M. Alcott adapted by Lucia Monfried. PZ7.A335 A52 19
481 Little women / Louisa M. Alcott simplified by Michael West PZ7.A335 Li 196
482 Boy in the striped pyjamas; The boy in the striped pajamas : a fable / by John Boyne. PZ7.B6977 B69 2
483 The second summer of the sisterhood / Ann Brashares. PZ7.B7376 Sec 2
484 Have you seen my cat? / Eric Carle. PZ7.C21476 H38
485 Shine with The very lonely firefly : a Grosset & Dunlap sticker book / [Eric Carle]. PZ7.C21476 S54
486 The tiny seed / Eric Carle. PZ7.C21476 T56
487 The very busy spider : a lift-the-flap book / [Eric Carle]. PZ7.C21476 V47
488 The adventures of Tom Sawyer / by Mark Twain adapted by Deidre S. Laiken illustrations by Pablo Marcos Studio. PZ7.C591 T82 19
489 Love that dog / Sharon Creech. PZ7.C8615 L68 2
490 Great expectations / Charles Dickens, retold by Patricia Atkinson PZ7.D55 Gr4 196
491 Goliath and the burglar / Terrance Dicks illustrated by Valerie Littlewood PZ7.D5627 G6 19
492 Goliath's Christmas / Terrance Dicks illustrated by Valerie Littlewood PZ7.D5627 Gw 19
493 Goliath's Easter parade / Terrance Dicks illustrated by Valerie Littlewood PZ7.D5627 Gx 19
494 Alice in Wonderland / simplified by D. K. Swan ill. by Sir John Tenniel PZ7.D684 Ai50 1
495 Peter Pan / J.M. Barrie adapted by Marian Leighton illustrations by Allen Davis. PZ7.D8544 B37 1
496 Peter Pan/ by J.M. Barrie adapted by Cathy East Dubowski illustrated by Jean Zallinger. PZ7.D8544 D8 19
497 A little princess / by Frances Hodgson Burnett adapted by Cathy East Dubowski cover illustration by Richard Jones. PZ7.D8544 D81 1
498 Spider-man / based on the screenplay by David Koepp based on the Marvel comic book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko [adapt. by: Jane Rollason ed.: Clare Gray]. PZ7.E277 S6 200
499 Spider-man 2 / based on the screenplay by Alvin Sargent screen story by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar and Michael Chabon based on the Marvel Comic book by Stan Lee and Steven Ditko [adapt. by: Jane R PZ7.E277 S61 20
500 The three musketeers / by Alexandre Dumas adapted by Deborah Felder [cover illustration by Daniel Andreasen]. PZ7.F3356 F41 1
501 Breakout / Paul Fleischman. PZ7.F59918 B73
502 Coraline / Neil Gaiman with illustrations by Dave McKean. PZ7.G1273 C6 20
503 Good moon rising / Nancy Garden. PZ7.G165 G0 199
504 Doubting Thomas / Morris Gleitzman. PZ7.G4824 G5571
505 David. English; I am David / Anne Holm translated from the Danish by L.W. Kingsland. PZ7.H7322 H64 2
506 Howl's moving castle / Diana Wynne Jones. PZ7.J684 H69 20
507 Counting kisses / by Karen Katz. PZ7.K15745 C67
508 Little women / by Louisa May Alcott adapted by Monica Kulling. PZ7.K9490155 K8
509 Diary of a wimpy kid : the last straw / by Jeff Kinney. PZ7.L6232 D52
510 Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrick rules / by Jeff Kinney. PZ7.L6232 D52
511 Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal / by Jeff Kinney. PZ7.L6232 D52
512 Diary of a wimpy kid : do-it-yourself book / by Jeff Kinney. PZ7.L6232 D53 2
513 The witch's guide to cooking with children / Keith McGowan with illustrations by Yoko Tanaka. PZ7.M478487 W5
514 Breaking dawn / Stephenie Meyer. PZ7.M57188 B73
515 Eclipse / Stephenie Meyer. PZ7.M57188 E24
516 The host : a novel / Stephenie Meyer. PZ7.M57188 H67
517 New moon / Stephenie Meyer. PZ7.M57188 N48
518 Twilight / Stephenie Meyer. PZ7.M57188 T95
519 Island in the sun / John Milne. PZ7.M65 I84 199
520 Sam, Bangs & Moonshine / written and illustrated by Evaline Ness. PZ7.N373 Sam 19
521 Shiloh / by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. PZ7.N39 Sh 1991
522 Kidnapped / by Robert Louis Stevenson adapted by Lisa Norby. PZ7.N7752 K6 19
523 Treasure Island / by Robert Louis Stevenson adapted by Lisa Norby illustrations by Paul Wenzel. PZ7.N7752 N61 1
524 Captain Underpants and the perilous plot of Professor Poopypants : the fourth epic novel / by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 C36
525 Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space : and the subsequent assault of the equally evil lunchroom zombie nerds : the third epic novel / by Dav PZ7.P63123 C361
526 Captain Underpants and the attack of the talking toilets : another epic novel / by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 C362
527 The adventures of Captain Underpants : an epic novel / by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 C363
528 The complete adventures of Big Dog and Little Dog / by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 C65
529 Dogzilla : starring Flash, Rabies, and Dwayne, and introducing Leia as the Monster / written and directed by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 D63
530 Kat Kong : starring Flash, Rabies, and Dwayne and introducing Blueberry as the monster / written and directed by Dav Pilkey. PZ7.P63123 K37
531 Clockwork, or All wound up / Philip Pullman with ill. by Leonid Gore. PZ7.P968 C1 199
532 Northern lights.; The golden compass / Philip Pullman. PZ7.P968 G0 199
533 The sea of monsters / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P47
534 The lightning thief / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P47
535 The Titan's curse / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P47
536 The last Olympian / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P47
537 The battle of the Labyrinth / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P47
538 The demigod files / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 P471
539 The red pyramid / Rick Riordan. PZ7.R4829 R4 20
540 Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. French; Harry Potter et les reliques de la mort / J.K. Rowling traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Fran?ois M?nard. PZ7.R79835 H37
541 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. French.; Harry Potter et le Prince de Sang-mele / J.K. Rowling traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Francois Menard. PZ7.R79835 H371
542 Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. French; Harry Potter et la coupe de feu / J.K. Rowling traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Fran?ois M?nard. PZ7.R79835 H372
543 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. French; Harry Potter et l'ordre du Ph?nix / J.K. Rowling traduit de l'anglais par Jean-Fran?ois M?nard. PZ7.R79835 H373
544 Harry Potter and the half-blood prince : Drago, Dormiens, Nunquam, Titillandus / J.K. Rowling. PZ7.R79835 H374
545 Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone.; Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone / by J.K. Rowling illustrations by Mary GrandPr?. PZ7.R79835 R796
546 The tales of Beedle the Bard / by J.K. Rowling. PZ7.R79835 T35
547 Outside over there / Maurice Sendak. PZ7.S47 O97 198
548 Treasure Island / R. L. Stevenson adapted by Margery Green. PZ7.S48 S73 198
549 Treasure Island PZ7.S8482 Tr23
550 Spirit of adventure / by Irene Trimble illustrated by Denise Shimabukuro. PZ7.T735185 S6
551 Let's be enemies / by Janice May Udry pictures by Maurice Sendak. PZ7.U27 L47 198
552 Here comes Jimmy! Here comes Jimmy's dog! / With pictures by Cary. PZ7.W35127 W39
553 The trumpet of the swan / Lwyn Brooks White pictures by Edward Frascino PZ7.W584 Trh
554 Magic shoelaces / written and illustrated by Audrey Wood. PZ7.W846 M33 20
555 Scaredy cats / written and illustrated by Audrey Wood. PZ7.W846 S32 20
556 Tarzan of the apes / by Edgar Rice Burroughs adapted by Harold and Geraldine Woods illustrated by Tim Gaydos. PZ7.W8636 W61 1
557 L'arche part ? 8 heures / Ulrich Hub traduit de l'allemand par Emmanu?le Sandron illustrations de J?rg M?hle. PZ73 H79 2008
558 Tales. English. Selections; Fairy tales / Hans Christian Andersen translated by Tiina Nunnally edited and introduced by Jackie Wullschlager. PZ8 F3 2004
559 The Stinky Cheese Man and other fairly stupid tales / by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith. PZ8 S3134St 199
560 The hunter : a Chinese folktale / retold by Mary Casanova illustrations by Ed Young. PZ8.1 C227 2000
561 Yeh-Shen : a Cinderella story from China / retold by Ai-Ling Louie illustrated by Ed Young. PZ8.1 L68 1982
562 Tsunami! / by Kimiko Kajikawa illustrated by Ed Young. PZ8.1.K1274 T7
563 American tall tales / by Mary Pope Osborne wood engravings by Michael McCurdy. PZ8.1.O813 O82
564 Squids will be squids : fresh morals, beastly fables / by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith designed by Molly Leach. PZ8.2 S37Sq 199
565 Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? / by Bill Martin, Jr. pictures by Eric Carle. PZ8.3.M418 P65
566 James and the giant peach / Roald Dahl illustrated in color by Nancy Ekholm Burkert. PZ8.D137 Jam 19
567 The little prince / written and drawn by Antoine de Saint-Exupery translated from the French by Katherine Woods PZ8.S28 Lih