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E-Journals Service

This service is offering electronic journals that published by famous publisher and professional academy.( Including SDOS、ACS、APS、IEL ). The service is integrate with library catalog, and readers can enter the journals webpage to read and print the text. ( Phone Service : (03)4227151 Extension 57418 )

Journals CatalogServices

Readers can use "Taiwan Universities Union Journals Catalog" to look up for Journals in Chinese or in Western Language at 4 universities (NCU, NTHU, NCTU and NYMU). ( Phone Service: (03)4227151 Extension 57420 )

Union Journals Catalog

"Union Journals Catalog" offers current Western Language journals catalog of five universities. ( National Central University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Yang-Ming University, and National Taiwan University ) Readers can browse the catalog of Western Language journals that the five universities have purchased. ( Phone Service : (03)4227151 Extension 57420 )

Automation Development

This library began to carry out borrowing and returning book automatically since 1992, and has offered public catalog searching service and CD network service through the campus network.

In 1993,NCU library has set up a automated union system. In addtion of the automation, library can also link to the on-line database of entire nation or the whole world through Taiwan Academic Network(TANet).

In 1994, library used URICA library automation system and in December 1995, library has published the WWW homepage. " Virtual library " and the data that have both Chinese and English editions - this two ideas form the general idea of the domestic university library.

In October of 1999, NCU library began to use INNOPAC system and in January 2000, the circulation , OPAC and journal began to be used. And the URICA system was closed in March. ( Phone Service : (03)4227151 Extension 57422 )

Study Rooms

There are 10 study rooms in the library. Readers must apply at the circulation desk before using it. Each application is valid for 7 open days. There are also 5 smaller study rooms at 3F. Reader can enter freely and use them without application. ( Phone Service: (03)4227151 Extension 57417 )

Contact Us

The library maintains abundant ways of communication with readers.Readers can inquire, propose or appeal with the library through following ways:

  • TEL:contact with us by telephone.
  • BBS:IP ADDRESS=> ( NCU BBS ) and ( NCU BBS )
  • Online Questionaire for Reference Book Consultation Union System
  • Readers can also go to the circulation desk, reference book cosultation desk, information desk or administration office for quick and accurate answers. The library also publishes " The Library Newsletter " and announce the latest service and information. This also offers another way of two-way communication.

Phone Service


In Charge of

Extension Number
(Phone number: (03)4227151)

Direct Phone Number


Director's Office





Administration Office

General Administration




Acquisitions and Cataloguing Department

Purchasing Books

57413, 57411



Chinese Catalogue



Western Language Catalogue




Circulation and Collection Department

Reading Classical-Collection, Storage Room Management

57415, 57416



Circulation Desk, Reception Desk 57417, 57429 (03)4267127 (03)4223820
Kwoh-Ting Library
34779 (03)4267295  
Study Center 57431, 57429    

Reference Consultation Department

Inter-Library Cooperation System, Order CD




Reference Desk




Journals Department

Journals Order

57418, 57419



Reference Desk




Information System Department

System Management

57421, 57422



A/V Services Department
Audio-Visual Circulation 57410, 57430   (03)4226670

Department of NCU History

Affairs of Museum of NCU History

57432, 57433, 57434



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